Videos From David Mackin’s Releases

Here are the videos for David Mackin’s recent releases. There are many videos in production and they will be published on this page as soon as they are released.


German Nights

The second track on the album ‘Murder In The Rain’. The song is also discussed in the blog area of this site.


Tommy The Trencher

This is a video for the song ‘Tommy The Trencher’ from the forthcoming December 2020 re-release of David’s solo album The Hermitage Suite. The song is a tribute to David’s Great Uncle Thomas Mackin who was tragically killed at Arras in France on 10th May 1917 during WW1. This terrible war took far too many young people.

The family still treasure all of Thomas’s letters from the trenches. Each letter, written in pencil, sends nice thoughts back to home. The realism of the horror of the war is kept from the family. Thomas’s cousin Daniel Mackin was killed in the Battle Of The Somme a year earlier and it was left to Thomas to write home to his Aunt and Uncle to report on his death.

David’s song was written with Ian Erving some 20 years ago, is based on the letters and an audio interview by Mr John McGrogan who was with Thomas when he was killed. David used to visit Mr McGrogan when he was a boy and was fascinated by the stories of this amazing man; a hero who was fortunate enough to return home to his loved ones and live into his 90’s. A generation that we will always be indebted to.

Murder In The Rain Music Video

Murder In The Rain is the title song of the album. It loosely sets up the concept of the album and introduces the characters that are portrayed throughout. 

Promo Video For The Album

Here is a promotional video for the album. It explains the history of its development and highlights some of the songs. If you like what you hear, please look at the sales page or visit Spotify, Apple Music or your favourite streaming site. 

More videos to be posted soon.