Song Exploration – Title Track Murder In The Rain

Murder In The Rain Cover

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n a recent BBC Radio 3 programme, The Essay, the writer Mark Illis explored the process of forgetting his Teenage Years. He discussed how we sometimes revisit our teenage selves after possibly reading our diaries or gazing at teenage sketches found in an attic. Reading an entry of his diary; a message from his 16 […]

The Very Beginning…..

Sketch from the very first gig in 1987

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Do you remember the 1980s? Were you alive in the 1980s? I was obsessed with music from being a small child and fell in love with singing around the piano of Miss Dorothy Moss in St. Peter’s Infant School in Napier Street, South Bank, Middlesbrough. After a disastrous spell learning violin in the junior school, […]

Back To 1987….the year it all began.

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Welcome to my blog. This is the area where I will discuss the making of the new album Murder In The Rain. The album has been in development over the last 30 years and is finally seeing the light of day thanks to the evolution in technology that has, at last, allowed the level of […]

An Album Brewed For Thirty Years.

Murder In The Rain Cover

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This site has been created to promote the new album of David Mackin “Murder In The Rain’ featuring members of The Beer Pigs. The album was written by David Mackin and Ian Erving thirty years ago and has been slowly brewing in the pot ready for pouring. It is safe to say that the technology, […]