Introducing this North East Singer/Songwriter
David Mackin and Trevor Horn

David Mackin meeting Trevor Horn at his London home in February

David Mackin is a singer songwriter and versatile musician from Middlesbrough in the North East Of England. He plays Keyboards, Guitar and Trumpet for the band The Beer Pigs along with his solo work.

He has operated as an independent musical artist for over 20 years after the release of his critically acclaimed solo album The Hermitage Suite in 1997. He has enjoyed a varied and fulfilling career as a music producer, arranger, teacher and performer.

His musical influences are diverse. They include The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Was (Not Was), Gerry Rafferty, Kraftwerk, Yello, Scritti Politti, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Nick Drake, and The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band…to name but a few.

He has recently produced ‘Murder In The Rain’ which is his third studio album and his most ambitious release to date. On sending it to his dream producer for the project, Trevor Horn, he was privileged to be invited to the legend’s home in February to discuss the album. Trevor was complimentary on the production of the recording and gave some excellent advice on how to release the album.

David Mackin performing with The Beer Pigs.

David Mackin performing with The Beer Pigs.

The album will be released on Black Cloud Records on 26th January 2018. It is now available for sale on a pre-release on this website. Please click here.

The story of this ‘30 year in the making’ project can be explored within the blogs on this website. There is also video’s currently being filmed for the songs. You can view the Murder In The Rain video on our video page.