Back To 1987….the year it all began.

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Welcome to my blog. This is the area where I will discuss the making of the new album Murder In The Rain. The album has been in development over the last 30 years and is finally seeing the light of day thanks to the evolution in technology that has, at last, allowed the level of recording envisaged all those years ago, to be finally possible. The 13 songs that appear on this album were written by myself and Ian Erving at the beginning of this fantastic journey where we first cut our songwriting teeth. Throughout this blog, I will reminisce the events surrounding the creation of the album and follow the road that leads directly to the musicians we are today; performing around the country with The Beer Pigs.

Do you remember 1987? 

Back to ‘Murder In The Rain’. It is a concept album that tells the story of a Chicago based private detective called Mac Sweeney. Set in 1923 the story opens with the brutal murder of an innocent man called Albert Magennis. He was walking home to his family from work. His hat and coat were hiding his security guard uniform. The character Mac Sweeney goes on to explore the case and, through the songs, provides a commentary on the brutal violence witnessed in 1920s prohibition Chicago. Sweeney is a complex character. He had fought in the First World War and therefore reminisces of a lost love he left in Germany in the song German Nights.  He attends a speakeasy called the Moon Club where he finds a valuable witness for the case; in the form of the beautiful Bar Angel. He needs a way of linking the murder to the owner of The Moon Club, the unscrupulous gangster Al Darine. On meeting the family of Albert Magennis he is reminded of the loss of his own father in the song When We Say Goodbye.

Line sketch of a Private investigator

Yes, this is a PI with a big heart and strong morals, reminiscent of the wonderful character Philip Marlowe that Raymond Chandler so vividly brought to life and inspired me to write this album. Sweeney ponders over many factors in this case. The beautiful Magennis widow takes him back to his own pain of lost love on the shores of England (Dreaming By The Sea) just after the War and the awakening of such feelings in (Banana Girl). The story unfolds further and is detailed in a beautiful comic book to accompany the album.


This is where your interest may be drawn on just a little deeper. If you enjoyed the free track I sent you, you may wish to delve deeper into this ambitious musical journey. Along with the comic, I will be releasing some of the original recordings of this album that I recorded with the band back in the late 1980’s. I am busy shooting videos to most of the songs and exploring their concepts and discussing the making of the tracks within this blog. Please follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates to the site and news of extra content and video performances over the coming months. If you would like to purchase the album with a PDF of the comic and an exclusive 12” Extended mix of Murder In The Rain single, please click here.

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