The Presentation Of An Epic Album

David Mackin is a singer/songwriter from Middlesbrough in the UK. He is also keyboard/trumpet player with the band The Beer Pigs. His eclectic solo work has spanned three albums: The Hermitage Suite (1997), The Poetry Pot (2006) and Murder In The Rain (2018). As a musical artist, he fuses songwriting, artistic imagery and moviemaking into a complete multimedia format. Murder In The Rain, released January 2018 on Black Cloud Records, is his most ambitious work to date. Heavily featuring other members of The Beer Pigs, the album has been “brewing” for over 30 years.

…it has finally reached full realisation:

Originally composed by David Mackin and Ian Erving back in 1987, Murder In The Rain was intended to be a concept album exploring the character of Mac Sweeney; a Private Investigator from Chicago City circa 1923. Many typical seventeen and eighteen year old emotional themes were injected into the songs, typical of the states of mind of these young teenage writers. The album explored themes of love, social observations, loss of parents, attractive barmaids and inspirational dreams…..all to an 80’s styled musical palette. Songs were recorded and gigged at the time around the Teesside area by the band. They should have been sent away to record labels but, the loss of a parent and the tragic death of the band’s keyboard player resulted in the whole thing put in a draw and different career paths followed.

Thirty years later, Mackin began revisiting these songs. Technology, completely out of any sort of reach in 1987, was now completely accessible. The Fairlight Samplers, Oberheims, Rolands Junos and Yamaha DX7’s that could only have been dreamed of at the time were now part of this Beer Pig keyboard players gig arsenal and could be at last used on these songs. David Mackin, along with Ian Erving and other members of The Beer Pigs finally recorded these songs the way they should have been produced back in 1987. The fantasy producer of the time would have been the legendary producer Trevor Horn. A copy of the album was sent to Trevor and David Mackin was invited to his home to discuss it. Horn was complimentary on the production and gave superb advice on how it should be released. So, after years of creation, Black Cloud Records are very proud to finally release this album into the world to be enjoyed.
Murder In The Rain is finally here.

“Ok wise guys. The name is Mac Sweeney………..”


We are currently shooting stunning artistic videos of the songs of the album. German Nights and The Moon Club are in the final stages and will be released in July. Announcements will be made on Social Media along with the new blog entries that will discuss and explore the development of the songs. 


During the lockdown, we are putting together a podcast discussing music and songwriting. Watch out for episodes posted to the new podcast area of the site. As Bob Hoskins used to say….”it’s good to talk.”